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As a Teacher, when you start a subscription for even one student, you have access to the entire curriculum which includes six semesters of material for the school year.
Am I agreeing to a contract when I sign up for a free trial?
Nope! You are under no obligation. Simply let the trial expire after 5-weeks. Beyond that, you can access the material again by purchasing it for $5 per Student per Semester. (Which we hope you do!)
If I let my subscription expire, can I get access to it again?
Yes. Simply purchase access for one seat ($5) under your current account with your email and password and you have access to all the courses you have set up or customized for that semester.
How long does the subscription last?
A subscription purchased after April 15 will last through the end of the first semester in the next school year (Dec 31). A subscription purchased after November 15 will last until the end of the second semester (June 30)
Do you have questions?
Our customer service team is here to answer any questions you have. Just reach out anytime by phone: (513)-407-8672, or by email: curriculum@ruahwoods.org.